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2024 Programme

Beaconsfield Golf Club

2024 Programme of Events


The 2024 programme is listed below, culminating as usual with the season finale at which the Society champion for the year is awarded the Collers Cup following the final event in the 'Race to Beaconsfield'.

Points for the Race to Beaconsfield are accumulated at events throughout the season, but players wishing to play in any single event, or a handful of events, are very welcome.

Thurs 21st March - Match vs St John's (Cantab) at Huntercombe Golf Club

Wed 10th April - Spring Meeting at The Berkshire Golf Club

Wed 19th June - Summer Meeting at The Richmond Golf Club

Thurs 11th July - Match vs Fitzwilliam (Cantab) at Stowe

Fri 23rd August - Golf Day & AGM at Studley Wood Golf Club

Fri 4th October - Match vs St Catz/Pembroke/Worcester at Studley Wood Golf Club

Tues 15th October - Race to Beaconsfield Finale at Beaconsfield Golf Club

If you would like to participate in any of these events, please do get in touch using the 'Contact' button below, and we look forward to seeing you in 2024!

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