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Huntercombe Golf Club


10th April  - Spring Meeting

The Berkshire Golf Club


The eagerly awaited season-opener at The Berkshire took place on 10th April but was sadly deserted by the usual glorious weather, which affected numbers. It rained all afternoon through a bitter wind and the hot showers afterwards proved so popular that David “Dash” Ashworth was fished out by the RNLI.

Nevertheless, eleven men and true set forth on the long and difficult Red course; sadly, only ten returned, with Mike “Cymbals” Simmie throwing in his soaking-wet towel halfway round after one-too-many “blobs”! They had been joined in the clubhouse earlier for coffee and breakfast rolls by the venerable Richard McCullogh and Gerald Barber and new member Keith Spicer was warmly welcomed.

Nick Harley hosted the day admirably. Sandwiches and prizes were presented afterwards, with Ian Durrans winning the coveted Atkinson Claret Jug for the first time with an unrivalled 32 points in the gruelling conditions. Second and third places were filled by Clive Penwarden and Andrew Beardmore respectively and the team prize went to Clive Penwarden, Nick Harley and Jerry Gray.


21st March  - Match vs St John's, Cambridge

Huntercombe Golf Club


The society's season opener, the annual match versus St John's, took place at the fantastic Huntercombe Golf Club, resulting in a narrow(ish) defeat for the Hall.

Despite a couple of strong scores on the Hall team (David West and Peter Lever both contributing 38 points), we couldn't compete with St John's strength in depth on the day and they triumphed with 238 points to the Hall's 226.

The next meeting of the Society coincides with the week of the Masters at Augusta, and a great day's golf is expected at the Berkshire on 10th April.


2023 FINALE MEETING - Beaconsfield Golf Club


Fifteen Aularians signed up for the 2023 Finale Meeting at Beaconsfield G.C. on Wednesday 25th October. Murky weather on arrival soon gave way to a bright autumnal day and a golf course in excellent condition.


As the AGM in August was rained off, the Finale featured competition for the Aularian Jigger as well as the traditional award of the Collers Cup. The latter being presented to the AGS member who had scored the highest aggregate number of points in 3 out of the 5 qualifying fixtures. 



The Aularian Jigger

1st David West 40 pts

2nd David Ashworth 38 pts

3rd Clive Penwarden 36 pts

The Collers Cup

Winner : David Ashworth 115 pts

Runner-up : Chris Atkinson 107 pts

Third : Clive Penwarden 106 pts

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