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About the Society

The Richmond Golf Club

The AGS meet and play around 8 times each year at golf clubs within 50 miles of Oxford. Some of the events are matches against other Oxford or Cambridge colleges whilst for others we just play amongst our own group. The Annual Meeting and AGM is followed by an optional dinner at the Hall where, if required, overnight accommodation and breakfast is also available.  

Matches are currently played against

  • St John's College, Cambridge at Huntercombe

  • Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge for the "One Size Fitz Hall" trophy at various courses

  • A four-way match with St Catherine's, Pembroke and Worcester Colleges, Oxford at Studley Wood Golf Club between Oxford and Bicester

Within our own group we have Society golf days.

  • A Spring Meeting where we play for the Atkinson Trophy at The Berkshire near Ascot

  • A Summer Meeting for the Richmond Trophy held at The Richmond Golf Club

  • The Annual Meeting for the Aularian Jigger held at Studley Wood Golf Club and followed by the society's AGM and dinner at the Hall

  • A Finale meeting in November including the Collers Cup for the season's champion

We are delighted to welcome new members, men and ladies and assure you of a warm welcome. Please email Chris Atkinson via the Contact button below.

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